2022 Weekend Availability


Eastbourne Tides and Plans 

Eastbourne we have an extra midwater slack towards the East giving a number of plans for 2 WRECK dives per day as long as there is sufficient daylight (March - October) and are detailed at the bottom of this page


Please also see our article in DIVER Magazine; The Kindly Tides of the Channel




2022 Season

Time to start booking for 2022, below is based on Eastbourne, though keen to plan 'away' trips and expeditions for whole boat and group bookings

Eastbourne tides and plans for 2022 weekends and Bank Holidays


Sat 22nd - E

Sun 23rd - E

Sat 29th - H

Sun 30th - H


Please do call or email me david.ronnan1@gmail.com for the very latest and to discuss your plans

Whenever possible whole boat bookings will be for 2 wreck dives, or a wreck and a drift if that fits your plans just call or email and we can work out a plan

Our plans - Based on Dover High water times for Eastbourne Dives

2 wreck dive days

'High and East' (H+E) - 2 wreck dives in the 25-35m range with an approx 2 hour surface interval. Works well if the group keeps the 1st dive to 1 hour.

The same tide can also be used for a single wreck dive in the 25-50m range with a 2nd drift dive if wanted

'East and Low' (E+L) - 2 wreck dives with an approx 3-4 hour surface interval. My personal favourite day as it allows a big choice of wrecks and a reasonable length day.

For the best choce of wrecks your group should be happy to do a 1st dive with a seabed depth of around 40m, if you are limited to 35m or less please contact u

s and/or consider a High and East day

'Low and High' (L+H) - 2 wreck dives with and approx 4 hour surface interval . Our longest day at sea but plenty of time to relax between dives and maybe do a bit of fishing

Neap Tide low water 1 wreck dive days

'Low' (L) - With low water at midday we can only get 1 wreck dive, these are Neap and gives the chance for mid channel dives in the range 45-65m though it can be used to get a really good one shallower, 2nd dive as a drift usually possible

Spring Tide 1 wreck dive days with 1-2 hours slack

'High' (H) - With high water after midday we can only get 1 wreck dive, these are Springs and we take advantage of wrecks like Carlisle Castle, Wellpark, Skerryvore, Ella Sayer, Hohweg all approx 40m where 1-2 hours of slack can be enjoyed on these tides


'East' (E) - During winter months there are days when only the later Eastern area slack is during daylight hours, usually around midday and again typically a long slack, the best wrecks in this area lie in around 40m