Individuals Diving


We run a number of Weekend,  Weekday and 'Expedition' trips which gives an opportunity for suitably qualified and experienced divers to join us without the need to charter the whole boat

If you would like our regular e-mail to keep you updated on our trips, spaces and plans please


and we will be pleased to add you

For all our own 'Our W' individuals days there are no minimum numbers so you can book with confidence that the trip will go ahead as long as the weather allows it

All 2019 day trips from Eastbourne are £52 per person and are wreck dives usually in the 30-50m range

Unless otherwise stated individuals trips are 1 dive days


Individuals Diving

Please call or e-mail for the very latest

Meanwhile if you'd like to look at the tides or are interested in a whole boat booking please see 2019 weekend availability;  phone or e-mail for the very latest


2019 Season - Look out for new trips and plans

Limited great tides for Dover, Gosport, Dieppe, Nieuwpoort or Normandy so need to get them in the plan soon


If you're interested in any of these please let me know as I aim to finalise the dates and plans for 2019 early in the new year



Sat 13th - Blanefield - 30m - 10:15am load

Sat 27th - Persiana - Mid Channel - 45m - 9:45am load

Sun 28th - Nyon - 40m - 11:45am load



Sat 11th - Inger - 35m - 8:15am load

Sun 12th - Seaford - Mid Channel - 45m - 8:45am load



Sat 15th - 'Twins' - 38-52m - 8:15am load

Tue 25th - UC65 - Mid Channel - 45m - 8:15am load

Wed 26th - Gul - Mid Channel - TRIMIX - 60m - 8:15am load


ILtis, Exploratory and Boulogne Thur 27th June to  Mon 1st July - £450 per person

5 day trip depart and return Eastbourne to dive the WW2 German Destroyer Iltis (45m), mid channel wrecks and some exploratory dives from Boulogne

Thur 27th - Afganistan - 40m - 6:15am depart Eastbourne arrive Boulogne  3pm

Fri 28th - Iltis - 45m - 10am leave Boulogne

Sat 29th - Mid channel armed trawler - 35m - 9:30am leave Boulogne

Sun 30th - 2 wreck day - Orphile - 25m and WW1 wreck 35m - 9:30am leave Boulogne

Mon 1st - 2 wreck day - Argo - 40m and La Somme -40m - 7:00am leave Boulogne, Return Eastbourne approx 6pm

All Times are BST

The Iltis is our target wreck for the trip, if after 1 dive you want to dive it again that can be arranged

Price excludes acommodation, a quick look at the big Hotel finder sites and Air BnB shows a decent amount of reasonable hotels within walking distance of Boulogne Marina where we expect to be moored in the main harbour during our stay  



Mon 8th - Persiana - Mid Channel - 45m - 7:15am load


Lanfranc, Warilda and Fecamp - Tue 9th to Thur 8th July - £270 per person

3 day trip depart and return Eastbourne to dive the stunning WW1 hospital ships Lanfranc and Warilda

Also a new mark in approx 40m for something different on the 2nd day, 2 overnights in Fecamp

Tue 9th - Lanfranc - 52m - load Eastbourne 5:15am, arrive Fecamp approx 5pm

Wed 10th - NEW MARK - approx 40m - leave Fecamp 8:30am

Thur 11th - Warilda - 52m - Leave Fecamp 8:30am, return Eastbourne approx 7pm

All times BST


Fri 12th - War Monarch - 40m - 7:15am load

Sat 13th - Wellpark - 45m - 7:45am load

Sun 14th - 'Toms' - Mid Channel - 38m - 7:15am load

Tue 23rd - 7 Seas - 32-40m - 7:45am load

Wed 24th - Mohlen Pris - 32m - 8:45am load

Thur 25th - Aristos - TRIMIX 50-60m - 8:15am load

Mon 29th - Trooper - 35m - 7:45am load

Tue 30th - Argonaut - 38m - 8:45am load

Wed 31st - Ella Sayer - 38m - 9:15am load



East of Eastbourne and Exploratory week

Sun 11th - 2 wreck special - Hoheweg -38m and Oceana - 30m - 7:15am load

Mon 12th - 2 wreck special -  Skerryvore - 40m and Unknown -35m -8:15am load

Tue 13th - Exploratory - Dungyness area - 40m - 9:15am load

Wed 14th - Exploratory - Dungyness area - 40m - 10:15am load

Thur 15th - Exploratory - Dungyness area - 40m - 10:45am load

Fri 16th - Sink wreck - 35m - 11:15am load

Sat 17th - Alaunia - 38m - PLUS AIRSHOW - 10:45am load

Sun 18th - Pot wreck - 40m - PLUS AIRSHOW - 11:15am load



Moldavia, Lornaston and Brighton - Long Weekend Sat 7th to Mon 9th September - £210 per person

Sat 7th - Unknown - Mid Channel - TRIMIX -  55m - load 7:15am Eastbourne, arrive Brighton approx. 5pm

Sun 8th - Moldavia - 48m - Leave Brighton 9:30am return approx 6pm

Mon 9th - Lornaston - TRIMIX - 55m - leave Brighton 12:30pm, arrive Eastbourne approx 7pm


Sat 21st - New Mark - 30m - 8:45am load

Sun 22nd - Fulham VII - TRIMIX - 60m  - 8:15am load

Mon 23rd - Playa de Finisterre - Mid Channel - 48m - 7:45am load



Look out for New Trips; please contact us to discuss your diving for  2019