Individuals Diving


I run a number of Weekend,  Weekday and 'Expedition' trips which gives an opportunity for suitably qualified and experienced divers to join us without the need to charter the whole boat

If you would like our regular e-mail to keep you updated on our trips, spaces and plans please


and we will be pleased to add you

All 2021 day trips from Eastbourne are £60  per person and are wreck dives usually in the 30-50m range

Unless otherwise stated individuals trips are 1 dive days


Individuals Diving

Please call or e-mail for the very latest

Requests,  Ideas for  expeditions and  'away' trips very welcome.

Lets see if we can build a trip around your requirements

For details of the Eastbourne tides please see 2022 weekend availability





Sat 16th - 'Twins' - 38-52m - 11:15 load

Sun 31st - Ondine - 38m - 11:15am load



Sat 6th - Mira - 30m - 10:15am load

Sun 14th - Oceana - 30m - 10:45am load

Thur 18th - minesweeper - 50m - 7:45am load

Tue 23rd - Waterland - 40m - 7:45am load

Wed 24th - Alcantara - 35m - 8:15am load

Thur 25th - Argonaut - 40m - 9:15am load

Fri 26th - Clara - 38m - 9:15am load