Air, Gas & Links


Air, Nitrox and Trimix


Dive125 has an On Board 12cfm Clean Air compressor and can provide air fills to 250bar making the logistics of multi day trips so much simpler

As advanced gas blenders we can also provide Nitrox and Trimix by arrangement for those who are qualified.

We can provide Nitrox onboard up to 50% given the time to fill the cylinders, if you require a large amount of Nitrox please call me on 07764 585353 in advance. 

Those wanting Trimix please call me with 2 weeks notice to discuss your requirements as the blending has to be done on land before or after the diving


In addition the following local dive shops can provide cylinder fills

Newhaven Scuba Centre is the closest to Eastbourne

When we’re in Lowestoft Adrian at Learn Scuba has been extremely helpful with air and nitrox fills at all hours by arrangement

For those doing their own mixing I’ve found Air Liquide to be the most competitive, though they typically need a company name / VAT number to open an account Air Liquide


DAN Insurance


Highly recommended especially if your diving outside the UK as they cover any mix/depth you are qualified for DAN EUROPE


Dive Guides


Dive Kent and Dive Sussex can be ordered directly from Diver magazine UK Dive Guides


For Norfolk the only dive guide and a general overview of the area can be found at Welcome to Ayer Tikus The site of the book 'The Ship-Wrecks off North Norfolk'.




At approximately Dungeness Point the Channel tide and Southern North Sea tides meet and create a mid tide slack in the ‘East’ in addition to the High Water and Low water slacks directly off Eastbourne


Depending on the tides and your preferences by using the ‘East’ the following are possible

‘High and East’ Approximate Diving Surface Interval is 2 hours

‘East and High’ Approximate Diving Surface Interval is  4 hours

‘High and Low’ Approximate Diving Surface Interval is 5 hours


Official UK Hydrographic office tide calculations up to 7 days are free EasyTide - on-line tidal predictions from the UKHO


Totally free tidal prediction software including UK ports, this I find is ideal for planning when to make a dive trip WXTide32 - Tides and Currents for Win9x-NT




XC Weather with current as well as forcast windspeeds XC weather

Medium term weather maps, these need some expertise to use but give a good FREE indication of the next week’s weather ECMWF CEPMMT EZMW


Wreck Research


The best and most comprehensive wreck database so far wrecksite


A good shipwreck database but you have to pay Worldwide Shipwreck Database

A semi-official list of other wreck databases Wreck Databases

Information on the Union Castle line Union-Castle Line

Information on the Alaunia and other Cunard Liner wrecks CunardShipWrecks which is the homepage the recently published book Shipwrecks of the Cunard Line




Dive Schools, Technical Diving and Training

Below is a small list of Dive Schools and shops which we have either personally used or have helped out with contacts, advice and web links

If you feel you should be included in this section please contact us:


Where Sylvia, David's recently deceased partner and wife, learned to dive ! Contact Debbie at Dive Odyssea for all PADI courses and also information on their dive club ScubaVentures in Rochford Essex  Dive Odyssea


Where Dave 'got technical'. For all diver training including Trimix and CCR from people who are on the leading edge of diving contact Rich or Steve at Deep Blue Diving in Plymouth


For divers in the Yorkshire area contact John Hewitt


Dive Equipment


For UK produced 'technical' diving equipment contact Alex at Custom divers