Brighton, How to get there

From the A27

The postcode is BN2 5UP and below is a maps showing how to get there avoiding the town centre and where we will be moored



Unloading and Parking
Parking is in the multi story car park, there is a max height limit of 1.9m and unlike Eastbourne there is NO parking for over height vehicles.

Do NOT park in the disabled bays including the entire ground floor

There is a 4 hour limit posted on the car park, we have been advised by the marina that this does not apply to charter customers and we will provide a notice to pop in your car with our name, date and estimated return time.

You should unload in the carpark and use a trolley to bring your kit across to West Quay

Please do NOT block the road or use the RNLI car park spaces next to West Quay

Note: Neither Premier Marinas Brighton nor Dive125 control the car park


Embarking and Disembarking Our W
Please do NOT get onto the boat unless we are in attendance and have said its OK to do so.

Please do NOT attempt to embark on Our W or load kit onto the pontoon next to the boat more than 30 minutes before the leave time.

The gate to pontoon 4 is open from 06:30 – 10:00 and 16:00 - 17:30, outside these times please call us and we will open the gate for you

Please take care on the quay, ramp and pontoons, as these may be slippery when wet.

Please no not overload any trolleys and appreciate that the angle of the ramp depends on the tide

Please be considerate to other users of the pontoons and remember that we are all guests

Please do not disembark Our W until we have moored up, have let you know its OK to do so and are in attendance

Note: The quay, gates, ramp and pontoons are owned and controlled by Premier Marinas Brighton, copies of their rules are available on request