Dover, Wrecks and Sites 

Rather than reproduce the whole of ‘Dive Kent’ our aim here is describe a few of the our favourites
Local Area

East Of the Goodwins

Anglia 3 Master
Pomerania ‘H4’
St Celia Unknown (Dive Kent 248)
Unknown (Dive Kent 43) HMS Hermes



Local Area


Probably one of the most popular dives in the area this small liner and WW1 hospital ship built in 1900 lies upright in less than 30m with the top of the wreck typically being 25m



Another liner this time built in 1873 this steam and sail liner now lies in about 25m with parts of the wreck 6m proud. When the liner sank she was on the New York to Hamburg run and had just made a stop in England to drop off passengers and cargo

Both American silver trade dollars and even gold 20 and 50 mark pieces have been recovered along with ships crockery and many many parts for clocks


St Celia

A superb dive which often has exceptional visibility this 4411 steamer and WW1 mine victim is like an underwater adventure playground with many swim thoughs and easy access to the engine room again all in 25-30m


Unknown (Dive Kent 43)

This as yet unknown sitting in 38m is bolt upright and intact apart from the split just astern of the engine room which looks like she was sunk by collision or possibly a mine


This is probably the most dived wreck from Dover and lies in only 18-20m. This ship was carrying general cargo when she was sunk in 1908 by the Junona

The cargo of gin and wine bottles is extensive and other finds have included perfume bottles (still with the contents intact), clay pipes of all types, plates, beads, lead pencils and slates.

This one is often used as a 2nd dive or one for poor weather, though if you’ve never dived in the area make sure you get to do this one



A general cargo merchant steamer sunk in WW1 by UC-6 she sits in 25m and is upright with the upper structure in about 20m., a very ‘ship shape’ wreck


East Of the Goodwins

The area between the Goodwin sands and the shipping lane provides some superb wrecks in the 45-55m range and unless there is a plankton bloom very good visibility


3 Master

This 3 masted stream and sail schooner lies in about 45m and is one of my absolute favourites, the marine life is extensive and the wreck mainly intact with the bows broken away

Despite a number of dives and some recoveries we still haven’t managed to name her



This large ship probably of WW2 vintage lies in 45-50m with one side sticking up to 38m though very heavily damaged she is a real mystery and hopefully further dives will give up more clues to her identity


Unknown (Dive Kent 248)

A large steamer on a hard chalk seabed in 42m, due to the tidal flow in the areas there is very little silting but its recommended that this one is done on a neap tide to maximise the slack water


HMS Hermes


The worlds other divable aircraft carrier not to be confused with the HMS Hermes off Sri Lanka!

She started life in 1898 as a 350 foot long Armoured Cruiser before being converted as a seaplane carrier

Though this wreck lies off Calais its reachable from Dover and is of great historic significance being England’s first aircraft carrier as well as being an early victim of the WW1 German U-boats

She lies on her port side in 33m and is best explored using a Nitrox mix due to her size and overall interest. There is a 4” gun turret towards the bow


There is also a small unknown wreck very close to her though we’ve not yet dived it to see if its related to the Hermes or not