Lowestoft, Wrecks and Sites

Rather than reproduce the whole of our hydrographic survey information (100 wrecks of which 30-40 were ‘must do sites’) our aim here is describe a few of the our sites from last few years


‘Van Zwenberg’ Cormead
Destroyer probably HMS Exmoor Ren


'Van Zwenberg'

An upright freighter in 32m of approximately WW2 era so far the only clue to its identity are plates with ‘Van Zwenberg’ markings. A good dive with plenty of time to explore


Destroyer  - HMS Exmoor

A destroyer lying on her port side in 33m, both stern and bow twin 4” gun turrets are accessible and though she has had some commercial/navy salvage (the top 2 of the 4 props are missing) she gives a real feeling of the speed and power she once had.

The wreck has now been confirmed as the Exmoor and is now a Protected Place and must be dived on a look but do not interfer basis



A large WW2 armed merchant ship upright in 52m with the decks at 38m. the superstructure has been swept off to the starboard side giving some clues to its identity

On the stern is the mounting for what looks to be a 5” gun with the barrel lying across the stern



Another large and upright freighter in 40-45m with the stern being the highest point in about 35m – the most noticeable item being a bath tub on what must have been in the stern accommodation which is now exposed on the top of the wreck



A small 1903 Norwegian coaster of about 1000 tons about 7 miles from Lowestoft. Upright in 32m and a fairly open ‘skeleton’ of ribs that lets in the light and supports profuse marine life